Kayla Schroetlin

web developer

JavaScript developer with a background in digital marketing, writing, and UX

About Me

woman smiling with arms crossed

After graduating with BAs in Communication and Linguistics, I worked in marketing for a few years. But after working with contracted developers and becoming curious about web development, marketing quickly lost its luster.

I’ve always enjoyed puzzles: jigsaw, logic, sudoku, kakuro. So when I learned that programming is problem solving, I was sold.

In my current role, I serve as the problem solver and website manager for the marketing team. I’ve been able to streamline tedious processes, fix bugs on the website, and troubleshoot WordPress issues.

Recently, I completed a training on security and WordPress. I’ve also done some consulting with small business owners, helping them improve page rankings, rework content, and build websites.

Being a self-taught developer (and with most of my learning happening during the pandemic), my journey has been siloed. I’m ready to take on a full-time role where I can learn from other developers while moving a company’s goals forward and helping improve processes and systems.

Also a cat mom, avid classic sci-fi reader, and sometimes musician.

comfortable with

JavaScript (ES6), CSS3, HTML5, Responsive Design

getting familiar with

React, Redux, Node.js, PHP, Git, SASS, Bootstrap

other skills

UI/UX, Usability Testing, InDesign, XD, Figma


My Bookshelf

Node.js API JavaScript CSS
my bookshelf

Since I'm an avid reader, I'm always looking for a better way to keep track of the books I've read. This project utilizes an API I created and deployed on Heroku using a Google Sheets database.

The search feature on the sidebar allows you to filter by book titles and authors. Working on functionality to add and remove books from the database.


Paradise Cakes

JavaScript CSS HTML
paradise cakes site

This is a brochure website for a client, the initial stage of the design layout before adding the content. It’s a new business, so this is their first website, and they need something simple to start gaining in page rankings and grow their online presence.